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Residential Purchases and Sales

Comptons solicitors has been acting for clients in relation to their residential purchases and sales since their opening over 20 years ago. During that time we have carried out literally thousands of conveyancing transactions ranging from the sale of small garages to multi million pound mansions and developments. You will be happy to know that we have extensive experience of complicated leaseholds, large rural estates, lock-out agreements, options and time critical contract races and attended exchanges if need be.

Upon instructing Comptons you will be allocated your own personal solicitor who you will be able to contact by direct dial telephone, e-mail and of course the old-fashioned ways as well! You can also have peace of mind from knowing that your solicitor is part of a team and that at any one time there will be at least 3 people who know what is going on on your matter. That combined with Comptons significant investment in the most up to date technology means that you will benefit from:-

  • An internet-based case management system which allows you to check the progress of your matter at any time with e-mail and text alerts at important stages
  • All searches are carried out on-line to save time
  • Direct internet access to the land registry so we can access details of legal titles instantly.

Before exchange of contracts on your purchase we will also provide you with our written report telling you everything you need to know about your new property. Most people like to receive this document and keep it to refer back to, but if you would rather come in and go through the documents in person we are happy to see you (and are often able to stay late if you can’t make it here during office hours).

We are also happy to liaise with your agent and mortgage broker so that everyone knows what is going on so that we can all work together to find the quickest and most appropriate route to completion for you.


When you want to re-mortgage or take out a first mortgage on a property, you will need a solicitor to act for you and also to act for your mortgage lender to check that your property is adequate security for them and to carry out the legal work to register their charge. Comptons Solicitors are on the panel of the majority of mortgage lenders, both large and small (in fact we are not aware of any whose panel we are not on!) and so have a good working knowledge of each mortgage company’s rules and how to deal with your re-mortgage in the quickest and most effective method possible.

Even if your new mortgage benefits from “free legals” (which is where the mortgage company arranges for your legal work to be carried out by their caseworkers usually at a large “factory” firm), you may find that for ease and also for speed you are willing to forgo this to deal with your own solicitor or to achieve deadlines (we regularly complete re-mortgages for client’s only a few days after receiving the offer at no extra cost). You might also want to ask your mortgage broker if instead of taking the “free legals” the mortgage company would be willing to pay towards your legal fees with your chosen solicitor.

We can also deal with more complex re-financing, for example, consolidation of loans, second charges, perfecting security for private loans, equity release schemes and dealing with the mortgage lender for any transfer of equity (where someone wants to be added or taken off their deeds). We are also happy to put you in touch with a mortgage broker if you do not have one.

Please contact us and we will be able to e-mail you a quote by return with the relevant forms to complete.

Freehold Acquisitions and Lease Extensions

Please see our award winning Lease Clinic for details of the services we can offer you in this regard.

Lease Clinic

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